Preview Sale Items

Shown below are just a few items from each department.  We have a fantastic selection that will be available at the Preview Sale, Sunday, January 28, 2018.

Just in from Sports - 


From 25 Hall of Fame Baseball Players

Priced individually for serious baseball collectors

AND Letters of Authenticity for each Signature

Aaron, Hank - Banks, Ernie - Bonds, Barry – Brett, George - Branca, Ralph/Bobby Thompson - Brett, George - Burton, Jim - Conseco, Jose - Fain, Ferris - Feller, Bob - Griffey Jr, Ken - Jackson, Reggie - Kaline, Al - Killebrew, Harmon - Matthews, Eddie - Mays, Willie - McCovey, Wille - Murray, Eddie - Palmero, Rafael - Robinson, Frank - Sheffield, Gary - Sheib, Carl - Stewart, Dave - Thomas, Frank - Thome, Jim - Williams, Dick

And from the Electrical Department - Adcom GFA 545 II  Stereo Amplifier (2  available) - GTP 600  Receiver preamp - Axiom  5.1 Speaker System   ( EP500,  M60TI, VP150 II, QS8) - Integra ADM  2.1 Stereo Amp - Klipsch Heresy II speakers - Marantz 2220B receiver - NAD 1000 Preamp, 2400 THX Stereo Amp,  F7240 PE  Receiver - Nakamichi BX-1550 Cassette Deck, RX-202 Cassette Deck - Parasound HCA500 Stereo Amp - Revox A77 Open Reel Tape Recorder

Click each photo to enlarge and to get a description then scroll through to see all of the items.