Van Pickups

To schedule a pickup, please call 510-839-5919.

Please read this list before preparing your donation.

Please help our van drivers quickly identify the items you want us to pick up by printing our donation tags and taping or stapling one tag to each box, bag, or item that you are donating.  All items for donation that are placed in boxes and bags must be clearly labeled on the outside of the container as to what is in the container.

Remove all batteries from items before making your donation.
We cannot accept any items containing batteries.


Van drivers have the right to refuse to take any donations for reasons for quality, size, or number of donations. Van drivers retain the right to refuse to pick up the donation if they have a concern about safety matters. Van drivers expect all contacts with donors will be safe and in keeping with government recommendations. All persons they come in contact with must be wearing a mask, even if the contact is outdoors. Van drivers will not tolerate harassment.

Please use boxes and bags to pack donations. We cannot accept donations packed in old, broken luggage.