2021 White Elephant Sale Online Sale 

Pro Tips

As you shop the 2021 Online Store, you might want to review these tips on how to make the most of your time at our sale.

  1. You can “Shop By Department” or browse among the collections listed on our home page. Then you can browse page by page or narrow your choices by Category, Color, or Size. Or you can go straight to “Search” to find items that might be in one of several departments.

  2. Want to see some of our most wonderful, unusual, and odd things the sale is known for? Do a search for Vintage or Unique.

  3. If you think you’ll be shopping a few times during the sale, select a pickup date toward the end of May, so you can collect all your treasures in one trip.

  4. Plan to shop a few times during the sale. We’re not adding more items but there’s over 6000 items on hand. Keep looking: who knows what kind of treasures you’ll find!

  5. Do you really need to know if that dress has a belt, or if the badminton set comes with extra birdies? Sure, you can ask us, but someone else may snatch up the item before we can reply. Better to buy and hope for the best.

  6. Even after you put your items in your cart, it’s not yours until you pay for it. Keep in mind that someone else can still buy it before you have a chance to.

  7. This year, it’s really easy to buy complementary things across departments. Found a Thai table runner? Match it with that Thai terra cotta vase or a Thai cookbook. Found some nice jewelry? With one click you’ll find a jewelry box and a second click gets you a book on fine jewels.

  8. When you come to pick up your items, bring your mask. Bring bungee cords and ropes if you’re collecting large or bulky things. We can help with some heavy lifting but you will be the one to secure your items in your vehicle.

  9. Not sure if it will fit? Buy it. If you don’t like it, donate it to the 2022 White Elephant Sale. It all benefits the Oakland Museum of California. 

  10. Everything is one of a kind. At these prices, there’s no wrong purchase.